“Give men breast, if you call him baby and you don’t give him breast you are stupid” – Nigerian lady

February 20, 2017

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nigerian lady breastfeeds men

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a Nigerian lady was seen advising Nigerian girls to allow their men suck their breasts.

nigerian lady breastfeeds men

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According to her, you shouldn’t call any guy your baby once you know you ain’t gonna allow him suck your breasts.

She also added that sucking of breast cures a lot of sicknesses like malaria, Typhoid, Mouth Odour, Mouth ulcer…lol!

She said:

“Girls, girls why una life be like this, why una life bend like this, so this thing these two oranges wey God put for una chest free of charge wey una nor pay money for na una go dey stingy, You nor know say God put this thing for una chest tey dey feed men…

Una nor know say sucking of breast dey cure many things, e dey cure mouth odour, e dey cure mouth ulcer, e dey cure malaria, e dey evn cure typhoid…

And all of una wey dey call guys baby, baby kill you there, small message baby send me recharge card, baby give me money, any guy wey ypou nor dey give breast suck nor dey call am baby”…



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