Errrm, I’m sorry to be ruining most of y’all’s morning with this but I just had to let y’all know that while some of us are working daily to make Nigeria great again, some people are out there recreating Sodom and Gomorrah so that the country can be cursed #Sigh.

Port Harcourt based Nigerian gay man, Victor Johnson , who apparently is shameless of his sexuality, has shared these “Loved Up” photos with his partner and virtually no one is having it.

It’s sad that they don’t even keep their madness hidden anymore… and this has us bothered… Will Nigeria be a gay free country some day? We certainly hope not!

UPDATE: Victor is claiming it’s a lady with a Low cut.. and not a Guy.

“OK, its not like I don’t know there are Facebook “friends” here sending my photos to bloggers. I also know that they get paid for doing so… But what’s cracking my ribs right now is this thought… “Is that really a guy in that photo?” Can I be so careless? Lol. That’s fucking a female! And plz dear informants, tell ur bloggers that I’m not a “River State man””

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