Have you ever heard of the term emergency diet? This is a very effective and efficient way to lose weight fast. It is great for busy people or you just have some event coming in a near future.

This diet works in a way that detoxifies your body and removes all the toxins and chemicals. It is based on smoothies, natural juices, and tea. Here is the powerful and effective emergency diet plan:

8 AM – take a glass of warm lemon water
10 AM – drink a glass of water with a bit of orange or apple juice
12 AM – 1 cup of green tea
1 PM – have a cup of carrot juice and a glass of cold water
3 PM – have a cup of herbal tea
5 PM – drink a glass of fruit juice you like
7 PM – take another cup of green tea
9 PM – take a glass of water with a bit of grapefruit juice
10 PM – finish the day with a glass of warm lemon water

This is what you need to do in the next 24 hours period. Practice this diet every other day for a week and between the diet days avoid process foods, sugars, and any sweetener. The interesting fact is that you will feel the changes even after the first day and in only one week time you won’t even recognize yourself.

The diet plan is made to intake what is only necessary for the body and cleanse the body of toxins. It will boost the work of the metabolism and after you pass the 7 days period of time you’ll be able to lose even more weight faster due to the efficiency of the regenerated metabolism.

The best schedule for the 7 days period of time goes like this:

1. Day – emergency diet plan
2. Day – Normal diet
3. Day – emergency diet plan
4. Day – Normal diet plan
5. Day – Normal diet plan
6. Day – emergency diet plan
7. Day – emergency diet plan

If you get really hungry during the day eat some vegetables or few bananas. The best thing about this diet is that you don’t even have to exercise or go to the gym.

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