Our body usually sends us a sign for anything going on in it. There are numerous people who think that having a chest pain can signify a heart attack. Still, many people who have suffered a heart attack didn’t experience any pain at all.

Some of the heart attacks can be slow, but some of them are very fast. It’s because of numerous reasons. People often neglect the symptoms and don’t go to the hospital. In this kind of a problem, you must get medical help in time as it is crucial. You mustn’t be too late.

Like your body gives you warning signs, that’s how your hair can warn you, too. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? For example, if your hair is full of a high amount of cortisol, it’s probably a sign of a stroke. The level of cortisol can be measured in your saliva, urine or blood, but it’s different with your hair. As your hair grows, a 5-6 inch strand could for example signify a longer period of increased levels of stress.

According to the cardiovascular expert Chauncey Qrendi, there are 4 signs or symptoms of a heart attack. Chest pain is the first one, although it hasn’t always appeared. Sweating and nausea come next, then difficulties with breathing and last but not least stomach problems.

Make sure you always know these symptoms, so that you can react in time!

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