See The Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them!

Our lifestyles have become so busy that most of us don’t even have time to cook our meals. We often choose fast foods or prepared meals which we heat in the microwave. However, using the microwave is very harmful for the health because they eliminate the nutrients from the food.


Microwaves are a form of a non-ionizing radiation. Thus, the food is zapped by high-frequency waves of heat. This way the microwaves channel the heat into the molecules inside the food. This means that the microwaves use radiation when they cook the food and this can be very harmful to our meals.


Each microwave has around 2.45 billion hertz. However, 10 hertz can harm the human body. Thus, you should never stand near to a microwave while it is working. Plus, there are a lot of diseases and health conditions that are caused by microwaves.


  • Birth Defects
  • Cataracts
  • Poor Immune System
  • Lowered Resistance to Bacterial Infections
  • Decrease in Hemoglobin
  • Decrease in White Blood Cells
  • Cell Damage
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Brain Damage
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Cholesterol
  • Heart Attacks


The microwave, as previously mentioned, has an effect on the food that we consume. Some studies have proven that if you prepare food in the microwave, it will kill the flavor of the food and decrease the nutrients. What is more, it will degrade and deform the molecules of the food, thus, creating dangerous unwanted radioactive compounds. Plus, it will destroy the antioxidants in the food as well.

Due to the fact that the microwave exposes you to harmful levels of electromagnetic fields which can penetrate your body and cause health issues, our advice would be to avoid using it. You should instead consider other cooking options, like using a regular oven which would not be that harmful to your health.

10 Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance You Should Never Ignore!

Even though we are not even aware of it, even the slightest changes of hormonal levels in our body can cause health problems. Even though the fluctuations of certain hormones are perfectly normal especially in women, there are others that can cause symptoms such as the following. Read to learn which are the signs you should pay attention to.


  • Many different hormone imbalances cause anxiety and depression. These mood disorders are often consequences of insomnia, which is also a symptom of a hormone imbalance.
  • The most common cause of anxiety and depression from endocrine problems are low levels of estrogen, growth hormone and thyroid hormone.


  • If you suddenly gain weight like there is no tomorrow or your jeans are suddenly falling off, you may have an imbalance of hormones in your body.
  • Hyperthyroidism (high levels of thyroid hormone) causes extreme weight loss. Hypothyroidism and growth hormone deficiency cause unexplained weight gain. Insulin intolerance and increased cortisol production lead to cravings and can make fat stick around even with excessive exercise.


  • If you are constantly exhausted and you have no idea why, you may want to get your thyroid or pituitary gland tested.
  • Hypothyroidism can make your body feel like you’ve run a marathon. Your pituitary gland, a tiny pea-sized gland in your brain, can also make you feel sleepy and weak from low levels of hormone production.


  • If you are beginning to experience frequent bouts of indigestion, bloating, vomiting or diarrhea, your cortisol levels could be out of balance. Digestion problems also occur during menopause because of low estrogen levels.
  • Cortisol and estrogen play off one another, so when one is out of whack, the other may suffer as well.


  • Are you starting to be forgetful? Like often misplacing your keys or forgetting the time for your dentist appointment?
  • If you have experienced a lot of stress recently, your cortisol hormone may be on the high side. Cortisol production is a necessity, but when it is constantly at a high level, your body will constantly be in fight-or-flight mode. This impairs your ability to sleep, which, in turn, affects your memory.


  • Insomnia is a common side effect of many different hormone imbalances because depression and anxiety go hand in hand with insomnia.
  • Like mentioned above, too much cortisol production makes it difficult to settle into sleep. Lowered estrogen levels can also impair your ability to fall and stay asleep.


  • If you are well past the teenage years yet you continue to suffer from deep cystic acne, you may have excess testosterone production.
  • Testosterone stimulates oil production that clogs pores. Both men and women can suffer from too much testosterone in their bodies.


  • Hot flashes affect most women who suffer from menopause. Increased cortisol production can also cause excessive sweating.
  • Those who suffer from hypothyroidism may experience intolerance to cold temperatures and may find themselves unable to get warm throughout most of the day.


  • Headaches have been linked to estrogen levels. A rapid decline in estrogen levels can cause massive headaches and pain. So, migraines are a common and irritating symptom of menopause.


  • Hair loss is much more common among males with plummeting testosterone levels as they age, but it can also affect women. Hypothyroidism can also be a culprit of hair loss. Low thyroid hormone can leave your hair feeling brittle, dry and thin.
  • So, if you are noticing more stray hairs in your brush or in the shower than normal, you may want to get a blood test.

See how to Protect your Heart Against Stroke, Heart Disease and Diabetes Using Only Magnesium

The majority of people know that minerals and vitamins are essential for the general health. Vitamin C, iron, calcium, and magnesium are the most important ones. Magnesium, more particularly, provides numerous health benefits such as body strengthening, boosting of the mood, and alleviation of fatigue.

So, try to include magnesium on a daily basis, since its regular consumption will provide the following 6 health benefits:

  • Regulation of the high blood pressure – To control your blood pressure, add magnesium to your diet and cut the ill effects of the high blood pressure.
  • Migraine Headaches – If you suffer from migraine attacks, then magnesium is the perfect key to all of your migraine-related problems. Magnesium is recommended by researchers for prevention of migraine.
  • Depression and Other Mood Problems – Numerous people claimed that magnesium consumption boosted their mood and improved their state of mind. Anxiety problems were treated by magnesium in an effective way, too.
  • Bone Health – Bone health is extremely important, especially for people as they grow old. ½ of the magnesium is stored in the bones and the other half works in synergy alongside with vitamin D and calcium in order to promote healthier and stronger bones.
  • Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease – Lack of magnesium results in insulin resistance, then leading to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Having your magnesium levels under control will help you to prevent such problems, and will maintain your sugar levels in the blood in check.
  • Cancer Reduction – Scientists proved that magnesium lowers the risk of colorectal cancer by 13%. Boost the magnesium intake no matter if the cancer runs in your family genes

Additional Benefits Of Magnesium Supplementation

Improves the energy levels

Calms the nerves

Promotes relaxation

Induces sleep

Treats insomnia

Relieves constipation

Relieves spasms and muscle pain

Magnesium Supplements Types

Magnesium Chelate: can be found in foods naturally and it’s highly absorbable

Magnesium Citrate: it has a laxative effect and it’s used to treat constipation improvement of digestion

Magnesium Chloride Oil: it boosts energy, relieve muscle pain, heals wounds

Magnesium Threonate: highly absorbable

Magnesium Orotate: it has orotic acid that is extremely beneficial for the heart

See What Happen When You Put Your Legs Up Against A Wall Every Day

The Viparita karani is a pose that can be done by everyone. It is especially famous among athletes, runners and dancers which use it to reduce pain and tightness as well as to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. It is also very beneficial for people who are very stressed out. If you feel like there is too much stress in your everyday life, try this pose at the end of the day to restore your energy and to calm your body and mind.

Viparita Karani Variations

There are a few different ways to perform this pose, and whichever you choose depends on your own abilities.

Legs Straight up the Wall Version

Lie on the back with your bum against the wall, or as close to the wall as possible, with the legs raised straight up the wall hip distance apart. Feel free to prop the bum up on a pillow, particularly if you are pregnant. The soles of the feet should be facing upward toward the ceiling and the arms should be placed beside you for balance. The amount of stiffness in the hips determines how close to the wall your legs are. Ideally, the will be touching the wall, but it might take a while for you to get there.

Legs in a Wide “V” Version

For deeper stretch, do the same as explained above, but insead of keeping the feet hip distance apart, spread the legs into a wide V formation. This will enable you to feel a deeper stretch in the groin area while being gentle at the same time.

Soles Together Version

Turn the knees outward and put the soles of the feet together, with the legs pressed against the wall. This is quite an intense stretch, allowing you to experience the deepest groin stretch from the pose.

Advanced Version

This version requires more mobility and balance. If it`s challenging for you, stay there.

Benefits of Viparita Karani

1. Increases Blood Flow and Decreases Inflammation

This pose increases blood flow and circulation, particularly after a day of sitting or standing for an extended period of time. It reduces swellings as well, especially swelling in the feet, ankles, and calves.

2. Improves Hamstring Mobility and Reduces Lower Back Pain

This pose stretches out the hamstrings, which often become shortened as a result of sitting at a desk all day, causing lower back pain. By performing this pose, you will relieve the pressure on the lower back, relieve pain, and improve hamstring mobility.

3. Reduces Stress and Stimulates Relaxation

As it alleviates pain and increases blood flow, this pose also relaxes you. This stimulation of the nervous system brings you into a more relaxed and calmer state. Hence, it also induces sleep and allows you to get a better night`s sleep.

See the early warning signs of Anal Cancer everyone is too embarrassed to talk about

Cancer has become one of the most widespread diseases all over the world. It causes unbearable symptoms as well as very aggressive treatments that people can’t stand. Still, one form of cancer is especially overlooked. It’s anal cancer and in this article, we’re going to discuss more about it.

What Is Anal Cancer?

This form of cancer appears at the opening of a person’s anus or in other words, at the end of the rectum.

Quick distinction: Don’t confuse anal cancer with colorectal cancer! Colorectal cancer is a type which affects the rectum as well as the complete large intestine, but anal cancer only affects the opening of the rectum.

The location is the main reason for the overlooking of this type of cancer. This body part can’t be seen very well or examined every day. People don’t even think about it when they talk about cancer. Because of that, they may ignore some of the warning signs or symptoms that appear in them. This topic is also embarrassing for some people. Ignoring the symptoms can make the disease worse.

Quick Facts About Anal Cancer

Almost 8,000 Americans become diagnosed with anal cancer every year. Even 1,000 will probably die as a result of this form of cancer.

1 in 10 people with anal cancer usually become diagnosed after it has started to spread to their other organs.

It isn’t a very frequent form of cancer, but it starts to increase. According to researchers, not visiting the doctor on time because of symptoms that weren’t noticed is one of the main reasons to overlook anal cancer.

6 Most Common Symptoms of Anal Cancer

It’s extremely important to be able to identify anal cancer during its earliest stage. This is very difficult since some of the symptoms are very hard to present. Still, make sure you are careful about these symptoms:

  • Anal bleeding
  • Unusual discharge from anus
  • Tenderness or pain in the anus
  • Itching in the anus
  • Unusual bowel movements
  • A hard area or a lump around or outside of anus

The cause for the appearance of anal cancer is unclear. There are some factors which can increase the risk of developing this kind of cancer, like: cigarette smoking, frequent irritation of the anus or a compromised immune system.

People over 60 are at the greatest risk. They comprise about 80% of the cases of anal cancer. But, men under 35 can also develop anal cancer. In women, it is most likely to appear over 50.

As soon as you reach this age, make sure you visit a specialist for a complete examination regularly just to make sure that you’re healthy.

How To Detect Anal Cancer Early?

If anal cancer is detected at the earliest stages, it can be overcome. Many procedures can help you detect it. Some of the best ones are:

Digital Rectal Exam

This method includes using the digits of your fingers for examination. The doctor uses a lubricated glove on one of the hands and searches the anal cavity with the fingers to discover any lumps or similar abnormalities.


During this procedure, the doctor uses an anoscope, which is a small, tubular instrument to get a more detailed look of your anus. It is usually done if the doctor suspects something abnormal discovered throughout the digital rectal exam.

Ultrasounds, Biopsies, MRIs, X-Rays, PET scans and CT Scans

These are all procedures that specialists use in order to detect anal cancer. But, they are followed with great controversy since it is believed that they can make the cancer spread.

The best thing you can do is to have get annual rectal exams. They can be really uncomfortable, but still, they are important for your overall health!

See how To Boost Weight Loss Naturally And Safe With Water

Water plays a huge role in our lives. Water maintains the fluid balance in our body, improves our health and brain activity and even helps burn fat. Never ignore all these useful properties of water, as a water deficit disrupts the normal vital functions of our body.

Scientists have proven that water has a direct impact on our metabolism and weight loss. You need to drink more than 2 liters of water a day to speed up the process of burning fat by 30%.

Just don’t forget to replenish water supplies when you drink tea or coffee. Below you can see tips that will help you to drink more water throughout the day to provide your body with energy and vitality.

Tips to drink more water:

  • When you wake up, drink a glass of warm water with lemon. This will help you to start all the metabolic processes of your body.
  • Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before a meal. This will significantly reduce your appetite and make you eat less food.
  • Buy a beautiful bottle for water. This will help you not to forget to drink water throughout the day.
  • Drink water with ice in it to speed up your metabolism and burn fat faster.
  • You can add slices of lime and ginger to your water because these products increase the burning of calories.
  • You should drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruit to hydrate your body.
  • Don’t forget to restore your water balance after drinking coffee and tea.
  • Drink a glass of water after each trip to the restroom to refill the water balance in your body.
  • Use mobile apps that remind you about drinking water.

Use these tips until drinking water becomes your daily thing. I guarantee you that after a few weeks of drinking water you will lose about 3 pounds.

See Why Women in China Don’t Get B.reast Cancer

B.reast cancer is the most common malignant disease in a woman who is growing, especially for the last two decades. It can occur at any age. In its initial, early stage it is usually asymptomatic. The patient, usually on self-examination, or accidentally recognizes a painless fortress in the b.reast area. Later the symptoms and signs of the disease depend on the local tumor growth, its spread in local structures and tissues, and the localization of distant metastases. There are certain risk factors that increase the likelihood of this disease in some women.

So br.east cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, and numerous women struggle with this battle every day. One of these women was Prof. Jane Plant who suffered from br.east cancer, and doctors gave her 2 months of life. A dedicated wife, a mother and a highly respected scientist, also became CBE for her work in geochemistry.

At the age of 42, in 1987, she was diagnosed with b.reast cancer, but fortunately, she decided to fight instead of giving up, which resulted in the creation of a revolutionary diet and lifestyle that saved her life. At that time, Prof Plant worked in China, which is also crucial, that she cured her b.reast cancer.

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She and her husband, the same scientist, began desperately to explore the Chinese way of life to determine where the secret to the health of this people lies. It is known that in China, the percentage of b.reast cancer is very low. Together with a team of experts, they found the reason why the Chinese people did not get b.reast cancer, and she used these findings to win her own battle.

She explains her miraculous method in order to help all women who suffer from b.reast cancer. She explains how she has managed to cure cancer and restore her health, saying she was wondering why Chinese women did not develop b.reast cancer, and together with her husband, checked their scientific backgrounds and tried to understand it logically.

They came to the conclusion that it is up to a percentage of fat in the diet, because fats account for only 4% of the calories in the average Chinese diet, while Western diet includes 36% fat. But she ate little fat before developing b.reast cancer, and she somehow knew that this was not the only reason.

After thorough research, Prof. Jane Plant comes to the conclusion that the reason is that the Chinese people do not consume milk and some dairy products. Milk is the main cause of most allergies, and 70% of the world’s population can not digest milk powder, lactose, and what Jane remembered that she consumed many dairy products before she was diagnosed with cancer, and that was her main source of proteins.

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In China, milk is referred to as “the liquid form of the animal’s udder” and feel abhorrent to it. It’s left to them as a tradition of the past. Then Jane also stopped consuming all the dairy products and in a few months, she completely recovered. Only a week after no milk diet started by Plant, it was determined that the tumors had completely disappeared.

Prof. Plant published a book on the subject titled “Why Women in China Are Not B.reast Cancer”. There she describes that non-milk diet can help in other types of cancer, mostly on a hormonal basis. And to this day, she does not drink milk and claims it is unnatural for a person to consume liquids coming from animals.

She also ate minced beef, as well as organic yogurt during chemotherapy to aid digestion and stimulate the development of “good” bacteria in the gut, and after finding thаt Dr. Daniel Kramer of Harvard University have confirmed that there is a link between b.reast cancer and dairy products, making it decide to completely avoid these products.

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It also reveals that numerous products we use daily, such as cakes, soy, biscuits, commercial soups, olive oil and sunflower oil, include dairy products in some form.

At that time, Jane suffered from the fifth stage of br.east cancer and was subjected to chemotherapy, however, there were no positive effects, and the lump remained the same size. However, as soon as Jane ceased to consume dairy products, the lump began to decline, and after only 2 weeks the size of the lump was reduced.

After 6 weeks, she began meditating one hour each day and somehow felt that there was no lump, and then she visited her cancer specialist at the Charing Cross Hospital in London after three days, and it was confirmed that the lump was no longer there.

Today, Jane enjoys her well-being and health and claims that although some are skeptical, she is sure that the relationship between dairy products and b.reast cancer is the same as the relationship between smoking and lung cancer and she is convinced that her discovery has helped her cured br.east cancer, and she is a living proof of it.

This is the history of Prof. Jane Plant, which proves that a person can be cured of cancer and no medication, since the most important thing for an organism is proper nutrition. However, alternative methods can help, but in no way be considered a miracle remedy. It is known that diet depends largely on the development of diseases and that with proper diet we protect the body from them.

In the video below, Jane shares her experience with b.reast cancer and the use of a Chinese method that saved her life and make sure that you see it and learn from her experience:


Many people start their day with a hot drink like coffee. Others prefer something cold and refreshing as soda, soda or soda. However, both drinks cause serious damage to our health, so we need to replace them.

A good choice is the drink that will present you below. This is consumed on an empty stomach and is very nutritious . It also eliminates bacteria, detoxifies the body and gives us energy that favors our workday.

Boiled lemon

There are many benefits we can achieve with this drink. This helps to burn fat and lose weight gradually and naturally. With its cleansing action cleans our body, it increases metabolism and promotes the expulsion of toxic substances . Here we show you what you should have on hand and you must do to prepare.

What we need:

  • Natural ginger (1 inch).
  • Lemons (5 units).
  • Garlic (4-5 cloves).
  • Mineral water (2 liters).

Preparation and use:

The first step is from lemons in half without peel and extract all the juice. When we finish, we throw no bagasse, but booked it for later use. Then we peel the garlic cloves and daub cast in the blender with the lemon juice. Then we peel and grate ginger, adding it to the blender. These ingredients liquefy without water until a homogeneous substance.

Then in a pot we take the 2 liter of water and put to boil with bagasse lemons. When the water reaches the boiling point, add the mixture to liquefy and let it boil for several minutes. Finally, we extract lemons and let cool, to throw him into a container with a lid.

This mixture should have a cup every morning fasting and feel its effects . Because lemon juice is similar to gastric juices of the stomach, it stimulates the production of bile.As a result, the gastrointestinal tract is stimulated.

On the other hand, lemon juice soothes and improves digestion, attacking upset stomachs. As a result, we end up losing weight quickly and naturally. Start preparing this drink every day and notice the results. If you liked this recipe not forget to give the “share” button on your social networks.



If you just got back from vacation, or you haven’t been making the healthiest food choices lately and you’re feeling a little weighed down, there’s a natural remedy that can help. A colon cleanse can be used to flush toxins from the body and restore the digestive system after a weekend or a few days of overindulging, and this one only contains two ingredients, both of which you may already have in your home!


Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar has a long list of uses, especially for those who prefer to use natural remedies. Not all apple cider vinegar is created equal, so make sure you buy the organic, raw, unfiltered kind. The nutritional benefits haven’t been filtered out, so the unfiltered particles will provide your body with the most benefits. Apple cider vinegar contains a bacteria known as acetobacter. This is a “friendly” bacteria that breaks down food in the gut.

The antibiotic properties of apple cider vinegar can help improve the acid content in the stomach, reducing heartburn and acid reflux. There are several antioxidants in apple cider vinegar that work to keep the body healthy, including catechin, gallic acid, caffeic and chlorogenic acids. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can even increase the body’s absorption of important minerals from the food you eat to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your leafy greens!


Organic, raw, unprocessed honey provides many excellent health benefits, partly in thanks to a phenolic compound it contains, known as eugenol. Eugenol has been shown to have anti-tumor properties. The active compounds in raw honey are believed to help kill cancer cells in the body, making it a great addition to a colon cleanse. Unfiltered honey also provides the body with probiotics, which help to restore healthy bacteria to the digestive system. These friendly bacteria help the body digest food and absorb nutrients.


Toxicity from a blocked colon can cause several health issues. A combination of these problemscould mean that your colon needs cleansing:

  • Constipation – This could result from a bad diet, stress or chemicals and other toxic substances that cause the colon to try and protect itself by producing more mucus, which eventually builds up on the bowel walls.
  • Aches – Headaches, backaches and sciatic pain may be the result of an impacted colon.
  • Fatigue – Toxic residue in your colon can circulate through the blood to all parts of the body, causing fatigue.
  • Odor – Bad breath, body odor and gas can occur when the colon releases toxic gas into the body.
  • Acne – A clogged colon can cause toxins to overwhelm the pores and cause acne.



    • 8 ounces of warm water
    • 2 tablespoons of organic raw apple cider vinegar
    • 2 tablespoons of organic raw honey


    1. Shake the apple cider vinegar to mix up the unfiltered part that settles at the bottom.
    2. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 8 ounces of warm water.
    3. Add 2 tablespoons of raw honey to the mixture.
    4. Stir the mixture until the honey dissolves.
    5. Drink each morning or any time throughout the day.


Sometimes a laxative effect in some potion can do more than any potion for losing fat, but imagine what makes a potion that contains both.

Fat around the abdomen and legs is the most difficult to melt, because there are various factors that cause it and then you do not know a way to get rid of them.

Simply explanation how this potion works:

The body burns fat when you lie down to sleep! The longer you sleep, i.e. 8 hours it is better for you, and worse for fat. Body during sleep of 8 hours recover and develop muscles, but does nothing with fat. To initiate this, something should be done to speed up metabolism so the body would continue to digest food even when sleeping.

This potion is the right for that!

It is proven that if you do not eat several hours before going to bed and then drink this potion will reduce at least half a kilogram, but that’s not all, you will see the body in the morning.

Drink this potion an hour before bedtime:

* Boiled water

* Lemon

* Parsley

* Cinnamon

* Apple cider vinegar

* Teaspoon honey or ginger (fresh or powdered)

If you can replace dinner with this potion trust us that you will feel the significant difference in the morning. This drink is not harmful to health and you can consume it for two weeks every night and then you should take a break of 3 days and you are free to repeat this treatment.