‘I almost committed suicide after converting to Islam’ – Janet Jackson reveals

SISTER to the late legendary pop icon and music artist Michael Jackson was last month reported to be quitting the entertainment industry because of her new religion
Janet who is married to Qatari  Muslim billionaire Wissam Al-Manna  disclosed that she almost committed suicide because of the restrictions and burden her new life and religion brought upon her saying it was not an easy transformation.

According to MTV News, she revealed that she had been deprived of everything in life as she could not listen to music, drive a car, wear designer clothes but only the ‘Black Abaya’ and could not even move outside her residential home in Doha as she was always  surrounded by heavily-armed security men.



Your Prayers Work : See what happened to the Boy born with organs outside his abdomen

Boy, 3, with external organs outside his abdomen has successful operation

The father of a three-year-old boy born with organs outside his abdomen has said he “cannot express the joy” following a successful operation.

Ethan Suglo, from Ghana, was flown to Oxford to be treated for exomphalos.

In 2015 doctors David and Jacquie Williams met Ethan in Ghana and helped raise £39,000 to fly him over for surgery at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Charles Suglo commended everyone at the hospital for a “marvellous job… [they were] fantastic”, he said.

Charles Suglo, David Williams and Ethan
Image captionDr David Williams first met Ethan while visiting Ghana
Ethan and Charles at the airportImage copyrightETHAN’S LIFESAVING SURGERY
Image captionEthan and his father Charles arrived in the UK last month to prepare for the surgery

Exomphalos can prove fatal and doctors in Ghana and Nigeria were unable to help, although it is regularly treated in the UK.

Paediatric surgeon Hugh Grant said helping Ethan had been “very fulfilling” and “very rewarding”.

Mr Suglo said: “I was amazed to see what has happened… each and every day we see much progress about his health.

“Ethan is happy, playing, chatting, eating, drinking, so life is back for him. It was a great relief. We cannot express the joy.

Ethan at David's local churchImage copyrightETHAN’S LIFESAVING SURGERY
Image captionMembers of the community held bake sales and ran marathons to raise money to help treat Ethan

“I just say ‘wow, I have peace of mind, everything is going to run smoothly in the family.’”

Mr Suglo said he expected Ethan to be observed at the hospital for a few more weeks before they returned to Ghana, where his mother Bless is waiting.

Mr and Mrs Williams, from Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwickshire, met Charles at the radio station where he works while visiting their daughter Laura who was doing voluntary work.

He asked them to look at his son, who he said had “a swollen tummy”.

“I thought I would be examining a normal African child with malnutrition,” Mr Williams said.

“But it was clear he had a major abdominal defect.”

What is exomphalos?

Image captionIn the UK exomphalos is usually treated within 24 hours of birth

Exomphalos occurs when a child’s abdomen does not develop fully in the womb.

During pregnancy the intestine develops inside the umbilical cord and then usually moves inside the abdomen after about 10 weeks.

In Exomphalos the intestines and sometimes other organs, such as the liver, remain inside the umbilical cord but outside the abdomen.

There is no known cause and about half of all babies with the condition will have problems affecting other organs, particularly the heart, lungs and kidneys.

Surgery is essential and takes place in either one go or over several weeks, depending on its severity.

Reason why We Nigerian Ladies Sleep With Different Men – Student Narrates


Here’s a message I got from a lady who said she want people to know the reason for their action:
Hello All,
I just want to tell you that it’s not our fault that we go about servicing all kinds of men for the sake of money. Many guys do yahoo and armed robbery to survive but ladies can’t do all that and since we are aware that these men will always need women to enjoy their money with them, there is nothing bad if we make ourselves available for you men and we get paid for our professional services.
Or can you people stay without a woman for one month? We are just helping men with our body.
Times are hard. My parents can’t raise enough money for my school fees and my accommodation in school, so how will I feed, buy cloths, make-up and look good like other girls if I don’t help my self? Many ladies are doing it here in my school and even other schools. It is condition that caused it.
People should understand that everything has changed!

Meet Olabisi, pretty Nigerian female carpenter who’s proud of her proffession


This young lady, named Olabisi is a very rare breed. She voluntarily went into carpentry because it is her dream, and she is very proud of the path she has taken.

On her decision to tread where few ladies dare tread, she said:

So about a week ago, I started my self carpentry training..waow!thanks to YouTube and the free carpentry books online. I had actually thought it’s going to be an easy ride but eish….it’s not been easy and neither is it as difficult as I was told it would be.

The beautiful thing is, this journey is revealing to me much more than ever that God is a God of process. Therefore, no pressure! Whether I succeed or fail is inconsequential, I am open enough to take the risk to fail. No pressure. No quest for instant gratification. No immediate result needed. For me, its all about enjoying the process.

See more photos of Olabisi in action after the cut


Actress Patience Ozokwor Talks About What she Misses About Her dead Husband..

Popular Nollywood actress — Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G who is set to celebrate her birthday in a day’s time has revealed her real age for the first time ever.

In this exclusive chat with the entertainer, the Enugu-born actress speaks at length about her life as a widow and why she adopted 5 children, why she love to live in the village.

Enjoy the interview below:-

Your husband died in 2000, precisely 14 years ago, how is life as a widow?

God has always been on my side because without Him there is nothing we can do. Again, I lived in the village, maybe if I were living in the city, things would be happening to me and nobody will know what I was passing through. And my people in the village know that I am always on location working either in the eastern part of the country or Lagos and Abuja. But when I am not working you will see me in the comfort of my home in the village. I appreciate my people for all their love and peaceful co-existence which I am enjoying. My husband’s family loves me so much, even before I became a star; we were so attached to each other. Everyone in the family calls me Patia; they are fond of me.

What did you really miss about him?

I miss the togetherness, when two people work together trying to train the children, bringing them up in unity and love. And all the affection he showered on us. I miss the way he celebrated my children’s birthdays, he was a true father and husband when he was alive. I miss my husband’s companionship and love.

This 9yr Old boy Married a 62yr Old Woman, What happened Next Will Shock you


Saneie Masilela and Helen Shabangu get married to follow their familiy traditions…….A 9-year-old school boy has tied the knot with his 62-year-old bride, who has already had five children, in Ximhungwe, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

The bride, who expressed her happiness over the fact that the boy picked her, told the newsmen that the boy will continue to live a normal life, as other boys of his age, and will later get married to a younger bride.



10 Real Facts About Actress Rita Dominic You Never Knew


The fact that you are here reading this goes to show that you simply can’t get enough of this Nigerian diva. Without any doubt, Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Waturuocha popularly known as Rita Dominic is one of the most talented and gorgeous women Nigeria and even the world has ever encountered.
She is the definition of a sexy African woman. The 39-year-old has graced our screens year in, year out and many of us have grown up watching and admiring her. She has been in the industry for over 14 years and her energy is still fresh and renewed. There is something really striking about her sparkling eyes, luscious lips, sultry voice and flawless skin that draws you her way and keeps you glued on-screen. She is a strong actress who understands her screen roles and carries them out with physical and emotional perfection. Off-screen she is widely respected and has a charming personality. She is mature, eloquent and fierce in her own rights and knows how to handle allegations thrown at her calmly. She has gone on strong, aging gracefully and she keeps inspiring her viewers in unimaginable ways. So let’s enlighten you more on things you should know about your favorite star:
1. Born on July, 12th in the year 1975 
She is of a royal bloodline, this being the Royal Waturuocha family in Imo state. Out of 4 siblings, she is the youngest and both her deceased parents were practitioners in the medical field. It goes without saying that she sure is royal. She is fluent in Igbo, English and a little bit of Yoruba.
2. Most of her schooling was done in Nigeria
She attended Federal Government College Ikot Ekpene which is known to be very prestigious in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. She then proceeded to the University of Port Harcourt where she later graduated with a Theatre Arts BA Honors’ Degree in the year 1999.
3). In her acting career, she has starred in more than 100 Nollywood productions
She also has numerous accolades, endorsements and awards to her name as a result of her on-screen prowess which has only managed to grow better with time, just like wine. She also is into production and has co-produced many movies. She is also into singing. Her mentor Pamela Ofuegbu recently passed on and Rita took to Twitter to express her grief. She said her inspiration comes from her family, her siblings to be precise who have been there for her through and through. She never gets comfortable and she keeps learning.
4). She ranks 4th in the list of top richest Nigerian actresses
This acting guru has managed to make a living and a name for herself off acting and acquire a lot of wealth amounting to an approximate of 60 million Naira. . Not bad at all right? She dreams of going international and acting alongside fellow actors and actresses in Hollywood whom she admires and draws inspiration from. She has graced many magazine covers over the years.
5). She is very single
Rita Dominic
Unlike rumors, endless speculations and endless claims on her marriage and relationship life, she doesn’t have any kids outside wedlock. . There have been rumors on her involvement and engagement with many men including Jim Iyke and the popular footballer, Mikel Obi but those remain to be just that; hearsay and fabricated stories. She has had so much pressure piled on her to marry from fans, friends, relatives and her immediate family. She does believe in marriage and hopes to have a family some day; a lovely husband and some children. She has said severally that marriage is her personal journey and she will settle at the right time when she feels she is ready. She refuses to go ahead and fulfill people’s expectations out of pressure.
6). She is considered a fashion icon in her own way
Rita Dominic stuns in red - Looking so radiant as always! (See Photos) theinfong.com
She graces events looking drop dead gorgeous in attires that are to die for. She has been named the best dressed female award after award. Rita is stylish, elegant and classy. Her fashion sense can always be noted and captured at events where she leaves the media creating headlines many weeks and months after. She likes to be and feel comfortable in whatever she is wearing. Her trademark is known to be her red lipstick which really complements her skin tone and texture so well. Her fashion mentor is her own late mother.
7). Her friendly and work connection with the music industry in Nigeria is one that deserves mention
Rita Dominic releases surulere Nigerian movie trailer theinfong.com 700x561
She recently played the lead female in Darey’s video titled “Special Fever”. As always Rita put her best foot forward bringing in her infectious smile, lovely looks and warmth into the video. The song is definitely good but there’s no secret that Rita attracts more viewers and their attention effortlessly.
8). She exercises for two hours daily to get stress relief
Rita Dominic 700x484 theinfong.com
She attributes her attractive looks and well contoured body to her exercising routines and proper dieting. The curvaceous actress is known to follow her regimens religiously and she takes a lot of care to keep her looks stunning. She goes to the spa to pamper herself very often and believes therapeutic body treatments and massages help to remove body toxins. She sure does look fine for her age.
9). Rita is a thespian
As a graduate of theatre arts, she loves watching movies and spending time alone to unwind. Scenarios where people suffer and go through illness is poignant to the star. Let’s just say she has a kind heart, and doesn’t think people deserve to suffer.
10). Her hobbies include reading, traveling, watching movies, singing and acting
She loves to spend time with family and friends when she is not on shoots. She is known to be the best of friends with Thelma Ojiji, a fellow actress and Michelle Dede. She guards her private life jealously and tries to keep as much as possible out of the public eye. She is a very private and shy person. She has been interviewed many times saying she has different personalities. For those who know her up close and personal, she is warm, cheerful, ever smiling, caring and loving.

See the The 5 Hottest Daughters Of Nigerian Pastors – See Who Holds Number 1 Spot


Hottest daughters of Nigerian Pastors – Popular Nigerian Men of God have notjust been blessed with wealth but also a great family.

Most of their children have been married and are also as successful as their parents.

This list shows some beautiful daughters of some popular Nigerian pastors in a descending order.

5. Pastor Tony Rapu


Pastor Tony Rapu is the founder of The Underground Church and The Waterbrook church.

He is married to Mrs Nkoyo Rapu and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter Kene Rapu. Kene Rapu is the founder of KENE RAPU sandals, slippers and shoes in nice ankara designs.

4. Pastor Odukoya


Popular Pastor Odukoya the founder of Fountain Of Life Church has three  lovely kids (2 girls and a boy) with his late wife Mrs Bimbo Odukoya who died in the Sosoliso air crash in 2005.

His first daughter Tolu Odukoya is married with a beautiful.

3. Bishop David Oyedepo


The founder of Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo has two beautiful daughters named Love and Joyce Oyedepo.

Love Oyedepo is married to a pastor while Joyce just finished her Masters from Oral Robert University.

2. Pastor Chris Okotie


Jessica Henshaw is the daughter of the founder of the Household Of God church Pastor Chris Okotie.

She is the daughter from his estranged wife Stephanie Henshaw.

1. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who is the founder of Christ Embassy had two beautiful daughters from his ex-wife Anita Oyakhilome named Charlene and Sharon Oyakhilome.

Sharon Oyakhilome is a fast-rising UK Gospel artiste.


WARNING: See the New Deadly Disease Worse Than HIV

HPV, or Human Papilloma Virus, is predicted to be the cause for the strongest new epidemic disease, even deadlier than AIDS, for it is believed to be able to claim numerous lives.

Human papilloma virus is the name for a group of viruses that affect your skin and the moist membranes lining your body, for example, in your cervix, anus, mouth and throat. The most widespread STI in the United States can be of more than 100 types, many of which cause nasty looking warts.

This article explains why HPV is considered to be even deadlier than HIV.

Firstly, HPV is a common, prolific and highly contagious infection, which is sexually transmitted, but skin-to-skin genital contact is also a well-recognized mode of transmission. This means that condoms cannot give full protection and statistics say that over three quarters of sexually active women acquiring it at some time in their lives.

As said above, HPV is mainly transmitted through sexual contact and most people are infected with HPV shortly after the onset of sexual activity.

However, the worst thing about this infection is that it can be passed even when the infected individual has no signs or symptoms of the virus, because in some cases, symptoms do not appear for years, and are even some cases when people never experience any symptoms during their life. HPV is a silent killer that can be inactive, thus unnoticed for years before it attacks.

Even though it is a common shared opinion that condoms offer full protection against most sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/Aids, newest research discovers that condoms cannot provide 100% protection against HPV.

It can spread through skin-to-skin contact with infected areas of the skin not covered by the condom such as the male and female genitalia. This is especially serious for women.
Women are more susceptible to contracting the virus than men. Regarding HPV transmission rates, male-to-female transmission rates are 5% higher than female-to-male transmission rates.

Furthermore, the most common HPV- related disease is cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women, (the number one cause of death in woman is heart disease) and in nearly all cases of cervical cancer, HPV infection has been the cause. To be more concrete, two types of the HPV, types 16 and 18, are responsible for almost 70% of all cervical cancer cases.

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