Ladies Please, Read The 5 Reasons Why Men Fall Asleep After S.ex

Why do men sleep after s*x? This is a question most women need answers to. Is it abnormal to fall asleep after s*x or is the man just being selfish when he sleeps after s*x?

Below are 5 reasons why men sleep after s*x

1. SLEEP-INDUCING CHEMICALS RELEASED DURING S*X: after s*x, a man’s brain becomes flooded with sleep-inducing chemicals such as oxytocin, serotonin and prolactin causing men to sleep after s*x.

2. BLOOD RUSH: the blood rush that occurs after your man ‘comes’ depletes the muscles of energy-producing glycogen. It is well known that men have higher muscle density than women making them more likely to sleep after s*x.

3. A MAN’S CEREBRAL CORTEX SHUTS DOWN AFTER S*X: according to a research, a man’s cerebral cortex which is the ‘thinking’ area, shuts down almost immediately after s*x while the cingulate cortex and amygdale make the rest of the brain to deactivate from s*xual desire.

4. LOCATION OF S*X: the location the s*x occurs plays a role too. When you have s*x in the bedroom where you are naturally comfortable, it’s so easy for the man to fall asleep after s*x compared to when you do it in your car or somewhere else under duress, that is not so comfortable.

5. TIME OF S*X: time of s*x is another reason why men sleep after s*x. When s*x occurs in the night especially when the human body is already tired, the man sleeps after s*x because it occurred at a time when people sleep naturally and s*x by nature is very relaxing.

Man Divorces His Wife 2 Hours After Wedding… His Reason Will Shock You

A wife was left in tears and emotional torture after her husband divorced her just two hours after getting married.

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A Saudi man shocked his wife by divorcing her just two hours after they got married. The reason for the man’s decision has left many people disbelief. The man said he divorced his newly wed wife because she broke an agreement not to share pictures of the ceremony over Snapchat.
The groom, upon learning that images of the wedding had been sent to female friends of his new wife, immediately filed for divorce.
The agreement not to share pictures or video of the ceremony was apparently a binding one, Saudi press reported.
The bride’s brother told Saudi daily Okaz: “There was a prenuptial agreement between my sister and her fiancé that she would not use social-media applications such as Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter to post or send her pictures.
“It was included in the marriage contract and became binding. Regretfully, my sister did not honour the pledge and used Snapchat to share pictures from the wedding ceremony with her female friends, resulting in the shocking decision by the groom to cancel their marriage and call for divorce.”
The episode caused a huge row between both families, with the bride’s relatives arguing that the agreement was unfair, and the groom’s relatives arguing that he had been perfectly within his rights to file for divorce.
Earlier this year a Saudi husband divorced his wife hours after their wedding because she was too busy texting her friends to consummate the marriage.

See how a Pastor Drown in a river as he Tries To Walk On Water like jesus

Some of the miracles of Jesus in the Bible ought to come with a disclaimer – “Don’t try this at home.”

A 35-year-old pastor in Gabon, Franck Kabele, has died while trying to take after Jesus in the Bible. Reports claim that Kabele told his congregation that he was capable of reenacting the same miracles of Jesus Christ in the Bible. He decided to make it clear through way of demonstration on Gabon’s beach in the capital city of Libreville.

Using Matthew 14:22-33 as reference, Kabele said that he received a revelation which told him that with enough faith he could achieve what Jesus did also. Eyewitnesses say that Kabele took his congregation out to the beach. He told them that he would cross the Kombo estuary by foot, which is normally a 20-minute boat ride. Sadly by the second step into the water, Kabele found himself completely submerged. He never returned.

This is not the first incident of this nature in Africa. At Ibadan zoo in south-west Nigeria, a self-proclaimed prophet claimed to be able to do what the Daniel of the bible did by walking into a den full of lions. Though he was warned numerous times by zoo keepers, the prophet thought of them as nothing more than enemies of progress. The prophet, with a crowd of people watching, put on a long red robe and proceeded to enter the cage full of lions. HE was ripped apart from flesh to bone within seconds of entrance into the lions’ den.

See What A Mother Told Her Daughter On Her Wedding Day that will Make You Cry


My daughter, you are now a wife and soon you’ll be become a mother too. God bear me witness that I taught you how to cook and do other house chores. I taught you to respect men and to explain your anger when necessary but if you do otherwise, I know you, not as a daughter but as my fellow woman.

My daughter, you see this your husband? He is a gentleman but don’t take advantage of that. Don’t bring out the beast in him.

My daughter, you see this mark on my forehead? Your father gave it to me. He tolerated me every time but on that day, he came unexpectedly. It wasn’t his intention but I dared him and he hit me just once.

My daughter, men hate it when you use the word “YOU CAN’T DO IT.” He sure can do more than but he’s just protecting you from harm. My daughter, whenever there is an argument or misunderstanding, try drinking water. You can’t talk when you have water in your mouth.

Now, you have two families. You are very lucky. Tolerate and appreciate them just as you did here. Learn to welcome other people’s kids and soon, children will surround your table with love.

You see that my big pot? I bought it when i still had no child but I always cooked with it to feed those children who had nothing to eat. Learn to show hospitality. Welcome a visitor and at least,offer a glass of water. Don’t discriminate.

Don’t shatter your husband’s family. Instead, bring them together. Learn to appreciate little efforts and soon,they’ll
learn to do more.

Today, you are wearing a wedding gown and you look so beautiful in it but there is still another gown you need to wear. That is the MATERNITY gown. I wore it and you shall wear your’s too.

When you have a misunderstanding, don’t come back here. Sort things out and build a happy home. I built mine and your father enjoyed me.

Men like food.They like both the kitchen food and the BEDROOM food. Don’t deny him any of the food all because you had an argument.

If the ones I taught you are not enough, learn more!

5 Bible Verses To Encourage You When You Feel Like Your Faith Is Backsliding

Backsliding from the faith is a terrible thing. The Bible tells us how sad and awful it would be for us to meet the Lord Jesus, put our faith in Him, and then return to the life that He picked us and saved us from:

“For if after they have escaped the defilements of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and they are again entangled in them and are overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the beginning. For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than to have known it and then turn back from the holy commandment that was delivered to them.” (2 Peter 2:20-21 MEV)

A Serious Matter

Dear reader, I want you to know that God loves you. I want you to know that when we backslide, our life turns for the worse, far worse than the life we had before we trusted in Christ for our salvation. I don’t want to know God and turn my back on Him – and neither should you.

God sees you as a very important person to Him, and that’s why He sent Christ to receive the punishment for your sin on your behalf, to save you, and to bring you back to Himself. God loved you so much that while you were still in your former sins, Christ died for you.

Now that you’re in Him, don’t think of going back to where you came from. It greatly saddens God, and it will be terrible for you. Please don’t.

I want to encourage you to keep the faith and hold on to your salvation in Christ, dear brother or sister. God loves you, and His Word tells you that. Here are some Bible verses that will encourage you to keep holding on to God — because He won’t let go of you.

Photos : See what happened To These Two Nigerian sisters with thier massive Oranges

blessed with such voluptuous amount of frontyard.. WE WERE WRONG!

**Wipes Tears**

A lady simply identified as Joy and her sister are driving us nuts with their pictures. The Port Harcourt-based sisters shared some pictures on Instagram showcasing their “tremendous twin daughters of jezebel”, which have of course proven pugnacious under their clothes.

Of course where you see pictures like this, you’d always see Nigerians there to react here and there..

After filling your eyes with such endownments, check the reactions that follows after

See what happened to the man that tore the bible, Uses It As Toilet Paper

A young Nigerian man, Udummiri Nwakalu, has become an overnight Internet sensation after he posted videos of himself on his Facebook tearing the Holy Bible, saying it is from the devil.

On his facebook page, the pro-biafran said “The more you burn the shrines the more version of the Bible I will tear, reverend father ebube monso arranged some useless boys to burn our shrines at ekwuluobia, that is why I tore the Bible again. This time around in a video clip.”
The video, which now has over 100,000 views shows the boy calling Jesus a devil while claiming that he uses the Bible for toilet.

5 Best Ways To Stop Coughing With No Drugs

During winter, common is to cough. This is a reflex and clears harmful items and mucus of the organs for breathing, it is called tussis and cough too.

Cold, cough, viruses and more are from asthma, allergy, smoking, lung cancer and tuberculosis. For this people take drops and syrups and drugs. But these things have colors, chemicals and preservatives.

Here are the natural cures:


Before you sleep, rub vicks on feet. Put socks on and war them for the night. Do this for 4 days and feel relief. Vicks has camphor, mint and menthol and eucalyptus too all good. Also rub vicks on chest. Never use it under age 4 for kids.


You need 5 pieces ginger, spoon honey, half lemon and cup water. Let the water and ginger boil. This must simmer and the ginger has to be infused and strained. Get lemon juice and add this with honey too. Have this 4 times daily and relieve throat. Ginger is analgesic and removes irritation and soreness. Also expectorant and removes inflammation of mucus in lungs. Honey keeps mucus membrane healthy.


Get 2 tbsp acv and 1 honey with water. Mix them all and drink. Acv makes healthy pH balance, also add cayenne and cinnamon or pepper for more healing.


You need a spoon turmeric, 8 cinnamon sticks, spoon honey, cayenne, cup water. Let the water simmer in pan with turmeric, cayenne and cinnamon. Then strain this and put it in bottle. When you need it, warm up 2 tsp of the mix with a bit honey and consume twice daily. Both remove bacteria, antioxidants and inflammation, fungi and coughs. Cayenne makes good blood flow and removes congestion. High heat removes bacteria so add honey last.


For thyme tea get some thyme, spoon honey and cup water. Boil the water and add thyme. Let this infuse and simmer 3 min. strain it and add 1 tsp honey and drink 4 times daily. Thyme is antispasmodic and removes microbes, relaxes trachea and broncho tubes. For licorice tea get 3 licorice roots, spoon honey and cup water. Put this in pan and add licorice. Strain and add honey last. Drink 3 times daily. This root removes inflammation and soothes membranes.