Nigerian Microsoft engineer accused of cyber theft in Florida.

A 41-year-old Nigerian-born Microsoft network engineer identified as Raymond Uadiale, is facing FBI charges in Florida for helping launder cash obtained from victims of the Reventon ransomware.

Uadiale, worked for Vole in Seattle since 2014, according to his LinkedIn page. Florida investigators say that between October 2012 and March 2013, Uadiale worked with a UK citizen going online by the handle K!NG. .

K!NG would distribute and infect victims with the Reveton ransomware, while Uadiale would collect payments and send the cash to K!NG, in the UK. Uadiale is accused of sending money from the US to the UK.

The Reveton ransomware is one of the first screen-locking ransomware strains. Reveton operators asked victims to buy GreenDot MoneyPak vouchers, take the code on the voucher and enter it in the Reveton screen locker. .

After a computer was infected with Reveton ransomware, the screen would lock and a fake message purportedly from the FBI or other law enforcement agency would claim the user had violated federal law; viewing and/or distributing porn was often cited as the law which was violated.

The user was informed that a fine had to be paid to unlock their PC. The FBI regarded Reveton ransomware as “new” back in August 2012. The use of the FBI logo was so popular with this ransomware that some people referred to it as FBI ransomware.

K!NG would deposit victims’ GreenDot Mon eyPak payments into debit cards Uadiale acquired under the fake name of Mike Roland. Uadiale allegedly laundered over $130,000.

He would later convert these funds into the Liberty Reserve digital currency and send the proceeds to his UK partner, keeping 30% of the funds, part of his cut. .

If found guilty on all charges, he risks a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison, a fine of up to $500,000, and up to three years of supervised release. Uadiale has been set free on a $100,000 bond.

See what a yahoo boy did to his Boss For Not Giving Him His Own Share

“Eze Douglas Uchenna”, an internet fraudster has been arrested for kidnapping his boss, Alvin Onuoha, for sidelining him on a $30,000 deal,

Eze, a native of Imo State, was reportedly paraded yesterday alongside his alleged accomplice, Vincent Uchenna by the Lagos State Police Commissioner Imohimi Edgal.

The Police Commissioner said the suspects and four others at large, committed the offence around 5:20pm, on April 6, at Ajah. He said the suspects bundled Onuoha into a Toyota Camry saloon car, while he was about entering their compound.

Edgal said: “Two of the suspects were arrested when they went to collect the N200,000 ransom they demanded for the victim’s release.”

However, Eze said they only wanted to get his money from his boss, who was in the habit of denying him his share of their loots from swindling.

He said: “We were into internet fraud and he said whenever we made money, it would be shared on 60/40%. I agreed and brought businesses to him but each time money came out, he would deny me my 40%

The first one we did together, we made $4,300. Instead of giving me my share, he gave me N300, 000. I still stayed with him and kept bringing my jobs to him. I finished another work and handed over the details to him so he can follow up with payment.

The work paid $30,000 but he kept telling me they haven’t pay. So, one of the guys who used to live with us in my boss’ room called me from Philippines and told me that my work had paid and that I was a rich man now.

I went to my boss and asked him how far with the payment and he said nothing for me. That I was in place to learn work and not to collect money. They started treating me somehow and since I was afraid for my life, I left the house in October last year.

I slept inside tricycle for months until I met my friend, Vincent and he introduced me to his friend, Matthew, who helped us in getting his soldier friend and some other boys to pick the man up.”

See the Reason why Bobrisky was really angry at an event.

Nigerian self proclaimed male barbie doll, Bobrisky was spotted recently at a recent event and in his usual fashion, was all made up and ‘dressed to kill”.

The effeminate who prides himself as having a flawless bleached skin, looked quite different from his heavily Snapchat filtered personal photos after this photo of him was taken by a different person.

img crd: Pulse

Yup, not so Bobrisky now is he?! the slay queen is photoed here as he graced a wedding over the weekend, and actually he was one of the bridesmaid!

You can contrast this photo taken of him with the ones he shared on his Snapchat below:


Instagram Model Goes Blind After Surgery To Change Eye Colour Goes Wrong (Photos)

32-year-old Instagram model, Nadinne Bruna, who wanted to light grey eyes instead of hazel, will now have to live with a permanent eye problem as the surgery to change her eye colour went wrong.

The Instagram model who flew to Colombia from Miami for the eye surgery which is not approved in the United States and reportedly costs $3,000, ended up losing 80 per cent of her vision in her right eye and 50 per cent in her left eye.

The Argentinian model began experiencing serious problems after the surgery, in which silicone implants were inserted into her eyes at a discounted price offered on the condition that she posted about it on social media.

Nadinne who returned to Colombia in March and June 2017 for two further procedures to repair the damage but was forced to seek medical attention at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, underwent emergency sight-saving surgery by Ophthalmologists led by Dr Ranya Habash to remove the dangerous implants.

“Before this surgery my eyes were completely healthy. I was so naïve. Ever since this surgery I have had blurry vision. For about a year my eyes were constantly red and itchy. My pupils, they can’t adjust to light anymore so I’m very photosensitive now too.

“This surgery completely f***ed up my life” Nadinne lamented.

“My vision damage is permanent, and I still have to have a cornea transplant and I have cataracts too.”

Nadinne said the surgery affected her career as she was unable to participate in photo shoots for her Instagram page, because of the appearance of her eyes.

She said: “My sister became like my mom. She had to do everything for me.

“After this surgery I went into a deep depression. I’m a very strong person, usually very brave and very smart, but with this I was completely stupid. I trusted the wrong person. Now I have the vision of a 90-year-old lady right but I’m hoping I can just keep my glaucoma under control.”

The Instagram model further disclosed that in spite of her eye problems, lots of people are still asking her where they can get the surgery done.

“It’s crazy, because even though I’ve been open about this surgery on Instagram, people are still are asking me where they can do it.

“But I don’t think surgeries are bad. I just didn’t know the risks and I made a mistake by not doing my research. Next month I’m going to have a surgery to reduce my boobs because I’ve lost a lot of weight this year and it’s something I have to do” she said.

Nadinne and her twin sister Danna have made a career on Instagram, where they share images of the cosmetic procedures they have undergone. The twins regularly have their surgeries compensated and are often paid to feature medical practices on their accounts which have more than one million combined followers.

Philippines-based Nigerian millionaire helps sick girl with N350,000

Nigerian Philippines base millionaire Nosi took to his Instagram account @itz_nosi and Facebook @LikeFadaLikeSon to urge Nigerians to pray for Kemi after he paid 350,000 (three hundred and fifty thousand Naira for her surgery.

Kemi reached him on social media after she heard the good work he has been doing for people and immediately he saw Kemi’s sick pictures he chose to help her with her hospital bills, he said life is more important than money and that the reason God is blessing him is to save lives, he said even if it will cost 1 million he will pay the money to make sure she’s saved.

God sent angels.

White Boy gets beating of his life after he tried to bully a Nigerian Kid.

Say No to violence but….

A high school fight video has gone viral on the internet after two young boys were filmed exchanging blows.

The twitter user who shared the story revealed that a white boy tried to bully a black Boy (From Nigeria), and the white boy got more than what he bargained from as was clearly seen on the video

She wrote ;

A white boy trying to bully a Nigerian kid in High school….He don show am the meaning of…..Gidigbo eti Ebute…👊🏿🔥👊🏿

Nigerian Lady allows her husband to marry a 2nd wife, feeds her on their wedding day (Photos)

A beautiful Nigerian woman is currently trending after she agreed her husband take another wife, and even celebrated with the new wife on their wedding day.

This has been described as a rarity across the world although women with Islamic background are constrained through religious doctrines to admit more than one wife as far as the husband has the financial capability to take care of them.

See the photos below:

#BBnaija : BamBam bags endorsement deal as a Brand Ambassador ( Photo )

Stardom is rapidly changing levels for Former Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, BamBam, as she has just reportedly signed her first endorsement deal.

The latest report about the housemate is that, she just concluded her endorsement deal as the brand ambassador of Famouspotatong, a luxury Intercontinental, fine dining restaurant and Premium indoor & outdoor location in Abuja.

BamBam BBnaija
The brand took to their Instagram page to share the great news ;

Mompha places deposit on N200m Royce-Royce Cullinan 2019, barely 2 months after buying Royce-Royce Wraith 2018

Nigerian Big Man, Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha issa GOAL!

The father of two just revealed that he has deposited money on a Royce Royce Cullina 2019, which costs about N200-250m, adding that he would be among the first owners.

Recall that Mompha recently purchased a N150 million Royce Royce Wraith 2018.

Mompha posted on his snapchat story ;

Rolls Royce cullinan 2019… Made my deposit already happy to be among the FIrst owners, about 200 million naira to 250 million naira