Woman gives birth to a dead baby; shared his photos online to grieve but it made many uncomfortable. (Graphic Photos)

A lady with the name, Kawaii Child on instagram took to her IG page on the 16th of March to post a photo of the dead baby boy she had – according to her, her baby died in her tummy two days before she was due to give birth.

She said she suddenly felt no movement inside her on that day and was feeling very different and then rushed herself to the hospital where she was induced and she gave birth to a baby boy who was already dead.

Many sympathised with the bereaved mother and sent condolence messages to her on her page while others were uncomfortable with the fact that she posted his dead photos on IG.

People became more agitated when she posted another photo of the dead child a few hours later, asking for money on GoFundMe, for expenses and funeral expenses for the child.

When people shared their reservations, she wrote the note below…

She later explained that he died because his intestines were born on the outside of his body.

She then flipped the finger to those criticising her…

Then sympathy for her reduced when two weeks after the loss of her child, she posted this.

Then shared photos from the child’s funeral.

And finally explained the course of his death.